TV frames

When I came across these "beauties" in a thrift store, I knew there was hope for them. I had to look past the creepy jack rabbits, the gold and white washed frames, and the hunter green mat. Maybe in an office or study in the 1980s this would have been fashionable... but yikes!

Any time I find a frame at a thrift store I check the back to make sure the "bones" of the frame are sound. I think these frames and mats were custom built for these prints. Also there was paper pasted over the back to hide the staples that hold the prints in. This made me nervous because I couldn't exactly pull the paper off in the store. Regardless, I decided they would work (especially with the price tag of $15 for the set) even though the frame hangers made it so the frames hung vertical and I needed them horizontal.

I pulled off the paper and held my breath that I would be able to work with what was there. 

The only bummer to everything was the prints were glued to the mats.

A couple paper cuts (actually mat cuts- OUCH) later, the prints were separated from the mats. 

I spray painted the mats white. This took ALOT of thin and even coats. They took more paint than the frames!! Speaking of frames- a couple coats of white gloss and they were good as new. I did prime them just to be sure the slick/shinyness was covered.

I thought the most challenging part would be fixing how the frames hung. I just unscrewed the screws, moved the fastner, put it where I wanted it, and attached it there. They really didn't have to be even or match each other becuase I hung them individually.

Here is the finished product! I LOVE it! This wall stood empty for 3 years. I had 4 matching frames over our old TV and the scale was perfect for that TV, but the 4 small frames were totally dwarfed by our new (now 2 years old) TV.

I must admit that I'm not digging the family portait. It's too small. I ordered an 8x10 and it needs an 11x14 or 16. I'll need to find an online photo printer that'll do that. I plan to rotate this picture out with our most current family picture each year.

The "Josef" print was a pinterest find. It links to this blog here with links to hundreds of free letters! It's fairly easy and I printed them on cardstock. I trimmed them down to the same size and taped them together. Then I mounted them on a posterboard and put clear contact paper over them. Some of the letters weren't laying flat even against the glass- so the contact paper helped them lay flat.

This is also a sneak peek to my beautiful thrift store $3 lamp! Can't wait to share that bargain!

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