Weekly Update 4/9-4/13

This week I am more amazed than ever how observant Luke is in the car. He notices EVERYTHING. For a while now he recognizes flags and "big" flags. He knows the Mc Donalds arches and yells "French Fries" everytime we pass. (really- we don't go there often at all. In fact I can't remember the last time we went!). He loves passing school busses too.

This week he noticed birds flying above us and on the ground and he yells "a bird!". It's so great to know that he is taking in his surroundings so well!

Since it was significantly cooler this week in the mornings, the exhaust from my car could be seen. He yells "moke" for the smoke. He also shocked me when he said "glow, moon" when his glow in the dark planet/moon pjs were glowing in the dark!

When we turned down the road his school was on he yelled "no school". Talk about wanting to turn around, go home and snuggle with my little man.

I am just loving this stage so much! I never thought a 2 year old could be so funny and fun! I feel like I always saw myself with a baby/newborn, but I never really knew what the 2s+ would be like. It is such a great stage. (even with tantrums!)

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