Weekly Update: 4/23-4/27

Student test anxiety?? How about teacher test anxiety?? At least the students can control their answers... I can't control anything about the last 3 days and the next 2. And I seriously think I need a Xanax because of it.

Luke is at the age where every boo-boo can be fixed by a mommy kiss, and healed with a band-aid. I seriously wish band-aids still fixed everything.

I feel like he has grown up so much the past week! He lifts his shirt up and says "tuke tooo me mom" which is "tickle me mom". He calls me 'mom' 90% of the time instead of mommy or mama. And the things he says just crack me up!

We bought Luke a seat to put on Josh's bike so he can go on bike rides with us. It's just so fun to be able to ride as a family!

I am more exhausted at the end of testing weeks than any other time of the year. I am just so glad Lulu is coming up for the weekend! Luke told me last night "2 more wake wake" meaning 2 more wake ups until Lulu comes (it was really only one and I loved the surprise on his face when I told him she was coming tomorrow).

24 more days of school... and a couple more of post planning and it is officially the summer! Can't wait!

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