Weekly update: 4/16-4/20

What a blur of a week this was. I feel like I am running a marathon at school. This pre- CRCT pace is about to kill me!

Luke's funny things this week include knowing the work "sheep". He calls them 'beep' and it took me forever to figure out what he was saying. So cute!
He is in absolute love with Thomas. All he wants to watch is Thomas (thank goodness "Bobo"- Barney, is a thing of the past). He wants to sleep with his trains. He wants to bring his trains outside. I love it. All boy!
The boy understands everything I tell him, it's scary! From now until forever we have to watch what we say because I feel like he has enough language skills to totally embarrass me!

He has done really well with the potty this week. He finally learned how to "stand up" at home! He's been doing that at school for a while but our potty was just too tall. We taught him how to put the stool and lift the seat, and he even puts the seat down (he's a little neurotic like his daddy when it comes to making sure things are done right!). He's also getting better about not taking all his clothes off when he uses the potty. I showed him how much faster we can get back to playing outside or watching Thomas  if we leave his shorts and shoes on and just keep them at his ankles. What a smart little boy!
He still begs me to rock him at night. I love it. No mama ockkkk, occckkkkk peassssss. We rock every night and when I go to put him in bed this is what he begs. It just melts me.
We broke down and bought a Dyson last weekend. Our vacuum belt broke (which is totally repairable), but I think secretly deep down Josh has always wanted a Dyson. We'll try to sell the old one (it's less than 3 years old) and did I mention we got a killer deal on it??? I used Amazon Prime (which is free through Amazon Mom). We paid $359.99 for a Dyson DC25. An amazing deal! Walmart's cheapest option was the DC25 for $369, but you had to pay shipping. Also they had it site to store, but it's such a pain to wait for them to get your stuff. We waited 25 minutes for someone to show up to process our order. Target had a good price too, at $359. I got free shipping through them with my RED Card, but taxes pushed it to $385. Amazon so far hasn't charged us tax, and I think it depends on the state and different vendor laws. We figured that even if they charged us tax, it would be about the same price as Target, be we would get it in 2 days with 2 day shipping  through Amazon rather than 5-7 day shipping with Target. I love getting a good deal!

I hopefully took my last sick day of the year this Thursday. I hate missing school, but sick is sick. Here's hoping we can make it 28 more school days til' summer!

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