May intentions...

I don't have too much planned this month. I know it's going to be super busy with school wrapping up (can I get an amen and hallelujah??). I tried to set pretty reasonable expectations knowing that days and nights will be hectic.

1. I have a few sewing orders on the books, and after they are finished I am closing up shop for a little bit while my machine gets a little TLC. My goal is to actually get those orders done and get my machine to in Altanta to be fixed.

2. Finish our Emergency Kit. I started part 1, and there are a few items I need to add. Hoping to get that done this month.

3. I have some things to put on the wall in our dining room. I'm tired of the same old same old, so I've been collecting some items over the past few months that will be going up ASAP.

4. Vinyl on facebook. Since I will stop sewing for a while, I am going to post some vinyl that I've done.

5. Menu plan. I think I finally found a system that works with couponing, month long planning, and keeping our pantry and fridge stocked. Here's hoping!!

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