weekly update: 4/2-4/8

SPRING BREAK! (enough said right?)

For one whole week (well it'll end up being 9 days total) I haven't been stressed or tired and I've been headache free. Imagine that! It's just a tease for what summer will be like in just over 7 weeks!

This past week I got alot of projects done around the house. Things that I'm not able to get done on weekends with a 2 year old. I sent Luke to daycare and picked him up early each day. He has more fun there than he does with me (half-joking), and it would have totally thrown us out of our nomal routine to keep him out for a week.

Although I'm not looking forward to the stress of going back to school and having to cover ALOT of material with my class in 12 days before the CRCT, I keep reminding myself that it's just one of the things I need to do to get to summer!

Luke rang in the wonderful Easter weekend with some new molars. His diapers were pretty disgusting Friday into Saturday and I really thought he had picked up a tummy bug from somewhere. But his appetite stayed and we noticed those 2 white caps late Saturday night.

Crazy mom photo overload warning....

We kicked off the Easter weekend Thursday at Luke's school with a party and egg hunt. Since we were on break, Josh and I were both able to go.

And on the egg hunt he got 19 eggs!

Friday Josh and I were able to go to Passion's Good Friday event at the Verizon Ampitheatre. Oh my word it was amazing! Worshiping with 12,000 other people out side until late at night is a pretty thrilling experience.

Saturday we dyed eggs. Luke LOVED this... and he really got into it. It was alot of fun!

He did really great with stirring the eggs.
But I found that popping an egg in the wire wisk made it 10x's easier for him to be "gentle".

A couple cracks... no big deal :)

Saturday night we put out his Easter Basket.
His favorite thing was Percy (or as he affectionately calls it "P Peeeeeeee"

Josh always had to "find" his Easter Basket growing up. I hid it.

and Josh ending up "hiding it better". I didn't get a picture of it's final spot, but it was on that black box in the background of this picture. He squealed when he found it :)

Here is my little man dressed up on Easter Sunday.

We had such a great weekend and it was such nice to be so rested after such a long week of Spring Break.

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