Luke's room

It was one of my goals this month to get Luke's room together. We have moved that room around too many times to count, especially after we made the transition to the big boy bed at 18 months. I have waited to post this until right at the end of the month to give me the most amount of time to get this finished.

Here was my list of things I wanted to get done (pretty much in order of importance):
1. READ wall
2. Collage wall
3. Fix his curtain
4. Paint
5. Try to fit the dresser in the closet and pull his toys into the room
6. Hang his growth chart
7. IKEA spice shelves for books
8. Paint white trim around ceiling
9. Work on the other empty wall
10. Add an area rug to bring color to the floor

I can now mark off #1-6!

1. Here is what his READ wall looks like:

We bought those little shelves at Habitat for Humanity, painted them white, and secured them to the wall. They came in a bundle of 10 for 50 cents!! I love how it has a little lip to hold small books. He loves walking up there and switching books out. The letters I bought at Hobby Lobby.

2. Wall Collage! Can you tell that I LOVE collages? It is such an amazing way to display alot of important pieces!

A couple of my favorites include his birth stat printable:

and the crayon canvas art (that looks like a flag. Get it?):

Also the button L is another favorite (and he LOVES this one too)!

I love that he wakes up in the morning and says "Look mom!" and points to the collage! It makes my heart happy that he loves it as much as I do!

Of course I fell in love with the huge flag canvas before he was born. And I think I love it more everyday which just seems totally impossible because I can't imagine loving it anymore than I love it now!

3. I had started to sew felt stars on his curtain since it is a huge blank blue slate. I never finished, and I never got to motivation to finish. So it was just easier to take them down. I never even got a picture of them up. Plus he would pull on the stars and I worried that the curtains would tear and compromise the "blackout" part of them.

4. Paint!! This room was yellow when we moved in.

Have you ever tried to paint over yellow?? It's like the hardest color in the world to cover (and it doesn't make sense because it's so light). I bought the blue paint and painted this room (months before I found out I was pregnant with him). It was actually bought originally for the laundry room and it ended up being too light in there. I got the flat sheen (which in hindsight was a horrible mistake).  It was a hot mess from all the toddler finger prints. And there were still some places where the yellow wasn't covered to my satisfaction.

Here it is now please excuse the unmade bed:
and that fact that he sleeps with 5 doggies:

The closet got a coat of blue too to tie in with the room. We painted the closet tan before we removed the closet doors. After the doors came down the tan closet just looked weird.
Also, we moved his dresser in there so now all his clothes are together.

LOVE the eggshell sheen and I still LOVE this color. By the way it's called Mineral Water by Behr. Serene Sky is the shade darker that I used in the Laundry Room.

5. His dresser and toy organizer switched places, and this is the wall that desperately needs something on it:

and I found this at a thrift store for $20. It's not an exact match to the set but it's pretty darn close!

6. I got this growth chart at a baby shower. I have been keeping all his stats from his doctor's visits and I added them to the growth chart (temporarily). I plan to cut some vinyl to stick on where the post its are. I also plan to put some IKEA spice racks under the read sign to hold more books.

And I still have #7-10 to work on. I feel like I accomplished alot this month in here and I finally feel like there is some order to the stuff on his walls!!

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