my first loaf!

One of my goals is to make a loaf of bread in my bread maker. How sad is it that this December I'll have had my break maker 5 years and I've never made a loaf??? I use it solely for pizza dough (and it's some good pizza dough!). I bought some pre-made packages of bread (don't even roll your virtual internet eye balls at me). Although it's not "homemade" I need to start small k? To me if it starts off as powder and becomes a loaf, then it's homemade.

It turned out very tasty. I used this brand- but it was the italian herb type.

I was impressed, Josh was impressed, and it marked #2 off the list!

Is this how the bottom of the loaf is supposed to look? It seems like there would be an easier way to avoid the spinner thing getting cooked in the bottom of the loaf.

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