petty peeves (pun intended)

I've been thinking about my pet peeves recently. There are some things in this world that really irk me... and although I don't like to come across negative very often, I think there is a time and place. So here's my mini-venting session:

1. When the little tag inside a shirt says "wash with like colors". Ok, what if the shirt has lots of colors? Or like Luke's big boy underwear have blues, reds, greens, yellows, white....?? What color should I wash them with? They don't seem to fade because if they faded wouldn't it get on the white part of the underwear? So if they don't fade why spend the time to put a tag telling me how to sort my laundry?

2. I'm here to tell you big boy underwear are just as nasty if not nastier than cloth diapers. So anyone who sticks their nose up to cloth diapering... just wait til your toddler poo poos in their 'big' pants. Also it cracks me up that daycare said they didn't do cloth diapers due to health reasons/no place to put a wet bag... but every day I have a bag of dirty clothes in his diaper bag... seems like a double standard to me.

(totally unintentional that the first two were potty posts)

3. There are certain cars (mainly SUVs) that when the owner unlocks the car these white lights beam off the back of the vehicle. They look strangely reminiscen.t of "BACKUP" lights. I've seriously sat waiting for a parking space thinking the people were backing up, and they hadn't even unloaded their cart yet. Very annoying. You'd think they could make the "Hello, I'm just unlocking my car" lights a different color. White is the universal "backup" light color.

4. When people use "broke" and "broken" incorrectly. Argh. Maybe I should have been an editor. Now I'm not saying I use all words correctly, and I am for sure not saying that I never make a grammar mistake. Grammar for Teachers was the hardest class in college that I took (have you ever diagrammed a sentence that took up an entire notebook page?). But 99% of the time that people use "broke" (when referring to an item that is broken) they should use "broken" instead.

When you break something, it’s broken, not “broke,” though a person or organization which has run out of money can be said in informal speech to be “broke.” Otherwise, use “broke” only as the simple past tense of “break,” without a helping verb: “Azfar broke the record,” but “The record was broken by Azfar.”

5. Hearing music when you call someone.  I hate talking on the phone. I would much rather e-mail or text or see you in person. So I don't make very many phone calls. Here is my phone screen to prove that I literally call my mom and Josh. Yes I still have my parents house as MiCasa, and I do occasionally call for a pizza.

But when I call someone and all I hear is rap music instead of *ring ring* it really irks me. If I wanted to listen to rap music, I would tune my radio to the proper station. I would download it and put it on my iPhone. I would appreciate my brain cells not being infiltrated with garbage. kthanks.

6. When people try to compare who has a harder job- a working mom or a stay at home mom. Can we just call it even and say that we both work really hard and we both really love our kids? Yes, we've made different decisions in life, but ultimately we all know family is the most important thing we can have. I feel like I have the best of both worlds because I get summers/holidays off and I work too. As much as I hate dropping him off at daycare everyday (and there are many days I cry as I drive off) I know he has such a great time and is able to do things I wouldn't even think of doing here (all the art projects, etc).

Maybe they're petty, but they are things that make me "ughhhhhh" out loud!

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