28/28- a wrap up

How has it already been almost 28 days? I'm so glad I chose this project to organize my life through the month of February! Sometimes it's dreary and having something to do and look forward to was nice!

Here's my original list:
and here's what I got accomplished:
I already updated progress here. And I am happy to announce that I actually managed to do everything on my list this month. Here are some pictures from the second half of the list. I mentioned in the first post that there was no way to take pictures of everything. But I did take some of the bigger items that took me longer than 5 seconds. I would say the most work came from my coupon binder, the book closet, and the blog. I'll explain the blog a little later.

Here are some pictures!

As far as the blog goes (which was #28) here is what I did to clean it up:

1. I took away the popular posts on the right side bar and moved them to a tab at the top of the blog. This freed up space on the side and makes it feel less cluttered.

2. I completely made over the "projects" tab. I hadn't added to that list in nearly a year. So new posts are there along with pictures to help make it look prettier. I am by NO means done, but as I have time I will update!

3. I added a "home tour" page to make all the stuff I talk about flow better. I figured having a before and after of each room was just plain fun, and it helps to see how our home flows together. I have put links of all the major projects we did in each area of our home so you can go directly to those posts. I believe there are 2 after pictures I need- the master bedroom and Luke's room. So those are coming!

4. While I was cleaning things up I marked off a few things on my 101 list. I can't believe that the ending date is next year! I started my original list even before I had a blog while I was on maternity leave with Luke. He'll be 4 this year! Holy cow how time flies!

5. I am trying to get more consistent with blogging and I did pretty stinkin' good this month! My post schedule is typically every Monday and Wednesday with a life update post on Friday. If we have a fun weekend planned I hold off on the update post until Sunday. I will occasionally post more frequently, but it depends on time and projects I'm working on!

6. I went back through old posts and tried to clean them up. When I moved everything over from wordpress the pictures transferred small and the font was tiny. I do plan to reload all the pictures later (because many of them are pixalated), but I just didn't have the time this month.

7. I used a program to check all my links. It seems like I average 2-3 links per post and it's no fun if the links are broken. I went thorough and tried to fix all those. Again, the switch from wordpress messed up alot of things, so I am still fixing those broken links. Alot of them are messed up going to my 101 list. Not really sure why!

I hope those few updates help this blog flow better! After nearly 300 posts it's hard to keep things organized!

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