28 bags 28 days

Since February is a shorter month (can I get an amen that January is gone?!), I have decided that tackling some clutter is in order. We really don't have a TON of clutter- just stuff that hasn't been put back where it belongs.

Because everyone has different stuff and different problem areas in their home I decided to customize this idea to our needs. It is also very reminiscent of Purge 100 (when I got rid of 100 things and kept a list of what I got rid of).

So to get me going this month here is my plan:
I know I said on my new year's resolution post that I wasn't going to go by monthly goals, but this is different. These are areas in my home that are driving me crazy and it takes about 5-10 minutes to tackle each of these.

I won't have before and afters of each day (and there is no way I'm blogging about it every day). Maybe an update around the middle of the month and then again at the end. I also am making it easier on myself and not holding myself to "one a day". Last night I was able to conquer #1, #2 and #4 so I can keep going like that and take a day off here and there, or slow the pace to 1 a day. Whatever I feel like doing. The good thing? I know it'll all be done at the end of the month!

Here's how my night stand started. Morning sickness (see the one lone Tum?- the singular form of Tums is Tum right??) combined with working full time makes it a dumping zone:

And here's everything that came out of my closet and nightstand (and under the bed where I store my shoes):
Not bad for the 2nd day of February!

Cheers to the shortest month of the year!! And you may be seeing pink and gray around here a good bit! I'm getting pictures ready to reveal what's been done in the nursery and I am "tickled pink" to share!!

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