Not even going to lie- when I found out we were having a girl I just about squealed thinking of all the sweet hair bows, girly socks, and outfits she would wear. Boys are SO fun to dress because they are super easy- but I can't wait to actually "fix" my daughters hair. Or coordinate her outfits!

I have a ton of ribbon sitting around- mainly from my sewing days. I still sew, but mainly just have time for our things. So I figured I might as well put it to use and knock out some hair bows. I already have some that I made over a year ago- I just never got around to selling them. Now they are the beginning of Emberly's hair bow collection!

As I looked through the ones I had, I realized I had very little pink ones (lots or red/green/black). Around the same time I saw one of those "share it to win it" pictures on Facebook that used chevron ribbon. I melted. After a quick google search I found some chevron ribbon on The website was phenomenal, I had a question about the actual color of one of the ribbons and they responded within hours, and after a little glitch with checkout they emailed me immediately and fixed everything. My ribbon showed up on my doorstep in less than 4 days (including a weekend)... and did I mention it was 89 cents a yard?!

Here are the chevron ones I made:

And because when I sit down to make a hair bow I can't just make 1... or 4. So here's 3 more!

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