Weekly Update: 2/25-3/1

28 weeks this week! Hello third trimester! So thankful to hit that milestone. As things near closer to the end, I am getting more and more nervous! It's like I know what to expect. I know what's ahead of me. I know what having a c-section is like. I know what raising a new born is like. But there are still so many unknowns! What if my water breaks? What if I go into labor? What if a planned c-section turns emergency again? I just want to be prepared for everything. And it doesn't help that all this will fall in the craziest month of school! Not even going to be able to handle it!

I had my 28 week appointment this week. It was also my glucose test and a blood test to check my iron levels to make sure they where they should be for surgery. Both came back fine. There wasn't much to report except the fact that I have to start timing my Braxton Hicks contractions just to make sure they aren't too consistent. She was worried that I was having so many plus the fact that I'm not suppose to labor-we just need to keep a close eye on them.

My little man is just too big. I just want time to slow down. now. And I want to savor and enjoy these last few months. I'm beginning to realize that I will never get them back!

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