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Are we the only married couple that has no idea whether the dishes are clean or dirty?! And opening the door and taking a big whiff is a no no when your pregnant- since every nasty smell turns my stomach.

I came across this idea on Etsy. Nothing fancy- but it gets the point across. When the dishes are clean the magnet has the clean side up. When they are dirty- well you get the point.

After playing for a few minutes (literally minutes) in powerpoint this is what I designed.
I had a left over magnet from the Living Christmas Tree from this past December. I ALMOST threw this away a few days ago. Thank goodness I found another use for her!
To keep everything real, when I clicked print it printed on a whole page of cardstock instead of the 2 inches by 4 inches that I needed. Whoops.
So I flipped the card stock over, resized the image, and printed again... much better:
I traced the magnet over the paper and cut it out with plain scissors and used Elmer's gel glue to attach the magnet to the card stock. I let it sit under a heavy book to dry completely for 2 hours. Putting it under something heavy prevents the annoying wrinkles.
Voila! A new dish washer label! No more wondering whether the load is clean or dirty!!
(now if I could actually keep the front of my dishwasher clean we'd be doing good!)

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