Weekly Update: 2/11-2/17

Oyyy these weeks are flying. As much as I want time to slow down and I want to enjoy every second of this pregnancy- I'd be lying if I said I'm not counting down. 54 days until maternity leave... but who's counting?

This week was a really great week. Luke got a great report from his teachers at school. He also filled out his Valentine's "all by himself". We practiced writing his name 16 times on the little cards and he was proud when he was finished. Please excuse my husbands less than enthusiastic face.
We went to his Valentine's party at school and he took me to his alphabet wall and pointed to every letter of the alphabet and said it back to me. It was amazing- because I had no idea he knew his alphabet! And I was blown away that when I pointed to X he said "xylophone". Really? He was also excited about the loot he got in his box-
We are also working on our "left" and "right" directions. He loves telling me how to get home from school and how to get to church from home and we are encouraging him to use "left" and "right" instead of this way and that way. It really amazes me at how well he does! Heck I feel like I didn't know my left and right until I was like 10. ;) (ok, truth be told- I still put my thumb and pointer finger in the shape of an L just to double check left).

We are having a nightly visitor- I wish I could snap a picture of him. It is literally the largest raccoon I've ever seen (not that I've seen many). He's getting into our dog food outside (who even knows how long this has been going on), but needless to say with Sadie being behind on her shots and raccoon's track record with rabies, we are going to be "doing away with him" shortly. Oh did I mention we have a galvanized steel trashcan that we store our food, the top is bungee corded, and we stacked stuff on top to startle him, and he still got in last night. Crazy.

On Friday night we drove to Asheville, NC for a visit to the Biltmore Estate. Oh we just love that place. Not only did we honeymoon there 5 years ago, but we have a yearly pass until next Christmas... so we should be going a good bit this year. This past weekend we stayed in the beautiful Renaissance Hotel in downtown Asheville. What an amazing place!
There was so much I loved decorating wise- see that "Edison" lamp? and the ruffle pillows... and the bookshelf, fireplace, @ chair. All amazing.
I especially loved this collection of key, keyhole, handle art. The colors in this display were swoon-worthy and pulled in all the colors from the surrounding room.
On into the ballrooms were these amazing "medusa" chandeliers. I loved the light it reflected on the ceiling.
And of course our room did not disappoint. It was on the small side, but super cozy. I loved the horizontal striped wall and that amazing headboard! Talk about inspiration!
We traveled with some great friends, and had a relaxing breakfast at the hotel. We toured the house Saturday (Saturdays are SUPER busy- even on the off season) and enjoyed a nice lunch at the Bistro Cafe. Since we have a yearly pass I can't wait to go back- we're thinking about maybe doing the petting zoo next sometime in the Spring? Josh also wants to check out their biking trails. Now that we've found a great hotel I can see us going more frequently!
(yes I am almost in my third trimester... and I just look like a giant marshmallow)
and for old time's sake-
here we were on our first official date in 2005:
and on our honeymoon in 2007:
We were so cold there aren't even words to describe it... actually there are- Josh broke out in hives.

My how the time flies!!

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