Weekly Update: 2/4-2/8

This week has totally kicked my booty! It's the first week since the beginning of January that we've been in school a whole week. Between workdays/ice days/MLK and our "trip" last weekend I think my body forgot how to function on a whole work week!

I've missed seeing my little man in the morning because everyday (except Tuesday) he's been sound asleep when I leave. Although I miss seeing his sweetness in the morning, I am glad that he's resting and it makes "goodbyes" easier! I feel like he's slept ALOT this week-like pushing 13 hours most nights. I guess it's tiring to be a busy 3 year old. 

His favorite show right now is Diego. OHH my he loves the baby humpback whales and the river dolphins. Haha! Who even know there was such thing as a river dolphin??

I felt baby hiccups for the first time this morning! Josh felt them too. Now that hopefully morning sickness is over I can finally enjoy all this like I said I would. I can't even believe how fast time is flying. 14 weeks left! And I haven't taken a belly picture since 12 weeks. Fail? Yes. 

We have tentative plans to visit the Biltmore House next weekend and I am super excited (yet trying not to get my hopes up). I learned after last weekend to remember that plans can ALWAYS change!

Looking forward to hopefully a quiet weekend. I hope the weather stays this beautiful because I feel like Spring is in the air!! 

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