Baby Blanks

Oh how I love thrift stores!

On a recent trip to Goodwill I came across some pretty amazing blanks. It's really rare to find pristine/never worn/stillhavethetags clothes at a thrift store. It's even more rare to find a huge selection in different sizes and colors.

Upon further inspection of these blanks (by Two Feet Ahead), I realized the snap at the neck was Makes sense why they ended up at Goodwill. But what they failed to realize is with 10 minutes and patience, the snaps can easily be fixed. I grabbed 3 blank onesies for $1.77 each. I did ask if they would give a damage discount at the store and they refused. Oh well at least I tried.

Here was the issue:
See how there is no snap on the left side? Instead it popped off and is stuck in the snap on the right.

Using my tool of choice (and my teeth- sorry dad. I could hear his voice saying "teeth are not tools"), I pried off all the remaining snaps.

After learning how to use my snap pliers again (I have to read the directions every time- it's pathetic), I re-attached 4 new snaps.
a perfectly working new snap.
Here is Emberly's first monogrammed outfit. Isn't it precious??
I kind of wish I had picked up 3 or 4 more of these. That's how easy this project was! And the material these blanks are made out of is amazing! It's thick, sturdy cotton.

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