28/28: an update

At the beginning of the month I decided to do 28 bags 28 days. This is pretty much a way to kick myself into organized mode for the new year. I thought about areas in our home that drive me crazy and decided to work my way through this month tackling them, trashing what needed to go and finding a home for things that had been misplaced.

Today is February 11th and although I haven't gone completely in order, I have managed to mark off 13 things this month:
How do things look now? I don't have a before and after for each project. Some were done in literally seconds. But I managed to snap a few pictures of some things I was able to clear out.
I had NO IDEA we had this much expired medicine in there. I "just" organized our medicine bin less than a year ago- but it took me consciously looking at each bottle and making a decision.
I want to start a "travel size jar" that contains all of our travel size items. Right now they are spread ALL over the house. So I grabbed whatever I saw under the sink. I hope to have a clear glass jar to hold it all and guests can help themselves while they are here and it will make traveling easier to know where all our stuff is kept. 
My car is another constant struggle. I don't know how I leave in the morning with one load and when I get home I have to make 3 trips...

This is our catch all place for things going to the attic (yard sale, seasonal, etc)... 
I went through Luke's shoes. The bin where we keep them was so full that 2 pairs (that still fit his sweet little feet) would no longer fit in the bin. This is what I was able to get rid of (although there are a couple pairs that I'm waiting til the summer to purge). 
I seriously lug around too much crap!
I feel so relieved to have some of these areas of our home cleaned up! I no longer feel like misplaced clutter is taking over of life. Of course my car and the diaper bag are a constant struggle- but at least it has been nice for a while!

Now on to the rest of the month and getting more accomplished! I'm really excited about getting in Luke's room and clearing out some books and toys! Sad thing? I just did that last summer. They really do grow up waaaaaaay too fast.

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