Weekly Update: 2/18-24

Hello third trimester! Hard to believe it can be here already!

This week I have come to realize that Luke is becoming a big boy- which should make me happy. It means he's growing up, doing things he's suppose to do. But it still makes this mama's heart hurt for him to tell me that he's a big boy and doesn't need me to kiss his boo boos. He told my mom when she kept him last weekend that only babies get rocked to sleep, not big boys. :( So whether I like it or not- he's getting bigger and it's something I'll just have to embrace! And be thankful that he is healthy and strong and able to meet these milestones.

Going with the big boy theme we decided to ditch the baby toothpaste and use the next stage up kids toothpaste now that he can spit and not swallow. The bonus is it's actually protecting his teeth now (not just flavored gel)! He's doing great and loves brushing his teeth.

Monday was President's Day and Josh took a half day so we could hang out at the park. It was gorgeous out!

Not much else to report around here. It was a fairly quiet week and I am thankful for that. I know the quiet will soon be over and I am cherishing these moments. I guess third trimester fatigue is taking it's toll. I could nap everyday if I had the time and I'm in bed by 9pm every night (getting between 9-10 hours of sleep).

This week is lining up to be a busy one! I feel like I'm living weekend to weekend but it's the way I like it!

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