Organizing our chargers/cords

Am I the only one or do chargers seem to reproduce at an astounding rate?? I get so tired of coming across chargers I don't need and never being able to find the ones I do need.

Solution? A charger box. I could have done this a few different ways.

A divided box labeled for each charger:
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I like all those ideas- but I didn't want to sink a ton of money into this solution. I like the jar idea, but it doesn't seem practical (plus who wants to look at all that?), and I can't devote the back of an entire door to chargers. 

So onto my plan! I have recently been introduced to Washi tape. Maybe I'm behind the times?? This stuff is amazing.

I bought the bins I decided to use at Target in the dollar bin last year. I loved the happy design, and for $1 I knew I could find a use for them. Over the past month or so I have slowly been collecting all my chargers/cords in one of the bins. If I decided one afternoon to do this I know I would miss one or two. This way I knew I had them all there. 

Using my label maker to print the labels and Washi tape to stick to the chargers I instantly had labeled chargers. The only thing that would have made this better would have been clear label maker tape- but I really didn't want to buy anything else since we already had some white tape on hand.
As long as the cords get wrapped up they should stay nice and neat. This way I can tell at a glance which charger goes with which device. Although things like my camera charger are pretty obvious- it still looks pretty and uniform to have everything look the same!
The bin sits on our "office" so it's within reach all the time. I just LOVE this project. And it was super fast to accomplish!

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