"May" I wrap it up?

This month absolutely FLEW. I can't even believe it's the last day of the month (it's also the last day of school!)!

I purposely "underplanned" this month and boy am I glad! I barely had enough time to do the things I did... (did you follow that last sentence?).

Here's what got accomplished:

1. I showed how to make cloth paper towels here. But I ran out of snaps. This month I got more snaps and finished this project. I've been through the "roll" twice and I keep reminding myself that each roll is 8+ paper towels saved!
2. Meal Planning
I shared all the details in the link above. And since it was my most popular post to date, I have a post planned in June about how it's all working out now that's it's been used for a month!

3. Photo Storage- the beginning plans. I can't wait to get organizing!

4. Hot wing recipe.

5. I'm a miserable failure because of this post.

6. My sewing machine is shipped off to be tuned up! This was an original goal for the month! I can't wait to get it back already (it's only been gone a day!). #76!

7. Finish our Emergency Kit. Dunzo. #57 marked off.

8. Dining room collage:
9. Get my vinyl creations on Facebook. It's there and I have had alot of orders already! Thanks to my wonderful customers who keep me going! And since my sewing machine is gone for a while- vinyl is the way to go now!

10. #95 off the list: Research and open a retirement account. I can't really say for sure what we opened, but Josh figured some things out financially. We have finally "settled" (I guess that's the right word) on Josh's military disability. I say finally because it's been 3 years since his surgery (meniscus transplant), 2 years since he fought it in court in Texas, and a year since he was medically discharged. We sure love the military (and stand behind those wonderful soldiers 100%) but things sure do go slow. I'm just glad that although he can't do what he wants (continue to fight for our freedom) that he is getting reimbursed for the blood, sweat and tears he shed for us while protecting our country. Someday I'll post about the surgery. It was quite an experience (staying in a hotel for 2 weeks, finding out I was pregnant, pregnant nauseated wife taking care of, lifting, and changing the catheter bag of her wonderful husband)... it is quite a story. <--- major tangent that deserves it's own post.

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