Weekly Update: 6/18-6/23

This has been quite a week. I imagined it being very relaxing- a week where I can finally get some things I needed to get done (like grocery shopping), but I didn't even make it to the store until Thursday!

We made 2 trips to Atlanta (had to go to IKEA twice- I'll post about that next week), picked up my sewing machine, went to the outlets in Commerce, got a new roof Friday, my parents came to visit Saturday, and Luke came down with a fever and ringworm Friday. Phew. This was also Luke's last week of school , and as nice as it is to be able to run errands and do things I need to do, he has totally become my buddy and I miss him when he's at school.

I have already planned a really fun summer for us as we are home. I have a schedule set up that will hopefully keep the boredom away. I have chosen books and art projects that correspond. I have set up times for us to walk at the park, and when we'll watch TV. I am really hoping this will keep us on track, because we both drive each other crazy when we have nothing to do! We are also traveling ALOT in July, so I think it'll keep us on our toes, while not getting too bored with our schedule!

Other exciting things are happening in our lives as well. Things we've been praying about for a loooong time. I am so loving this season of life that we're in!

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