I am in love with finding other uses for things. I hate throwing away (even recycling) perfectly good containers. I know everything can't always be used, but I sure do like to figure a way to make it work!

We had the youth over for an end of the year, graduation, and Memorial Day cookout. I decided it would be a perfect time to test out my handy dandy upcycling!

Here's how it worked:
I took an orange juice container-
I used a hair dryer and baby oil to remove the label. Then I applied rubbing alcohol all over the container so the vinyl labels would stick. 
After cutting out the labels on my Silhouette, here is the final result (this is the best picture of the vinyl color):
 Here's a close up with really "off" color.
Love these! And I am happy to announce they are still going strong in our fridge. The vinyl has stuck on through hand washing and I am just thrilled with the result!

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