Weekly Update: 5/28-6/1

Oh my word I can't believe this week is over! Wow! Monday was Memorial Day and we spent it relaxing at home and remembering all the men and women who have served our country. It's unreal that the truth of the day gets lost with cookouts and relaxing at home, but we make it a point to remember all who have served.

I haven't done a weekly update in nearly a month. That shows how hectic things are around here. I would ALMOST say that May is crazier than December... but NOT QUITE!

Luke is shocking me everyday about how well he is taking to potty training! He is fully trained except at night!! (even naps are going well!)

He can count from 1-10, but most of the time he won't do it on command. I'll hear him counting his cars or his "nee-neees" (candy/fruit snack).

The phrases he says are amazing. His 3 word sentences are starting to pick up wonderfully. He says "bubbles all gone" or "ghetti' in my mouth". "I see you" and "get me momma" are some of his favorite phrases. I am LOVING this stage which is so ironic because this is the stage that I feared! Toddlers are so unpredictable, but he truly keeps me laughing! Of course we can't go to restaurants (well, we can but it usually isn't very enjoyable) and I prefer not shopping with him. I am a focused shopper and literally block out everything, and I can't focus on talking to him/keeping him happy while I focus.

Luke starts swimming lessons next week and we are super excited for it. They require a parent to be present at the time of the lesson, so Josh and I are thrilled that we get to be there without feeling like we're being helicopter parents. :)

I posted kind of a "cryptic" message on facebook earlier this week regarding a second opinion dealing with a health concern. I want to clear it up now so that the story doesn't get twisted. The last thing I want is drama surrounding my health!

 I have been referred to the breast specialists at Northside Hospital in Atlanta. I have been having lump issues since January and in April I had an ultrasound which verified it is a lymph node. That doctor took a "wait and see" approach... and I'm not really a "wait and see" type person. I got a second opinion from another doctor I trust (Luke's delivery doctor) and he suggested Northside. We're all fairly confident that it's "nothing" but we also don't want to take any chances. Fortunately I have the whole summer to deal with this and hopefully we'll know something sooner rather than later.

I want to live with no regrets, and I know that if I waited until August and it really was something I would kick myself for not doing anything sooner. I am so thankful for discernment of knowing what step to take next and for the wonderful prayers from all my family and friends!

Speaking of August, we have a long weekend booked in Destin! I am so excited about it! I think Luke will LOVE it more this year than last (and he really had a great time last year) so it's for sure something I'll be looking forward to!

Otherwise, this week has been wonderful! I am so thankful for the students I had in my room this year. Even through all the challenges, there were great times too!! I am so thankful for the parents who helped in the ways they did. They will never know how much I personally appreciate all they did for our students!


  1. I will definitely be praying about your health. I think you're right about going ahead and trying to find out more information instead of waiting.

    1. I agree :) Super anxious but excited for some answers!