new rug!

To kick off showing you a little living room change up, let's start with the thing I was desperately wanting. A RUG!

A couple years ago, we got a tan rug with a floral (!??) design. It was cute, added interest, matched the couches, but blended too much with the floor. It was really thin, really cheap, and Luke threw up bananas all over it. I didn't have my rug steam cleaner then  (BTW something every mom should have!!) and the stink never went away (disgusting right?). So we trashed it. and waited... (this was 2 years ago). 

Next, Josh's dad gave us another rug that fit the space much better, but it was really dark. I was never in love with the design, but it was nice under our feet in the winter.  It functioned well, but really wasn't our style. We (with his dad's permission) sold it in our last yard sale... we saw it as sort of a down payment on our new one.

Here's the new one:
{this picture makes it look much darker than it actually is}

I am totally loving this rug. We found it online (Rugs USA- highly recommend by the way!!) for under $200 and it is perfect for the space. It was on backorder and wasn't supposed to be in until the end of June. It arrived the first week. Love little surprises!! It took us FOREVER to choose one that we both liked. Like 3-4 hours on the laptop narrowing it down, finding the cheapest price, etc. We really had to trust customer reviews that the color was different in person. They were right and it is perfect!

And without even realizing it until we unrolled it on the floor, it's my absolute FAVORITE- quatrefoil!!!!!! It looked more distorted on the website picture, but I love it in person 10 times more! I blogged about my slight obsession with quatrefoil here.

Tomorrow I'm posting about our new coffee table, so you'll be able to see how it ties more with the room. Until then, you can take my word that it makes this room 100% better!!

EDIT: I've done a post showing how the rug has held up! Check it out here.

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