Homemade hand soap

I did it! I finally made liquid hand soap! I found the recipe here, and here are the ingredients I used:
Liquid glycerin and my choice of hand soap. Ingles has an AMAZING organic selection of bar soap. I will be going back and trying different soaps!! This one cost $3.99 and smells just like a peppermint!

Glycerin was pretty tricky to find- not even gonna lie. First I tried Wal-mart and Ingles. Unless I totally missed it, I didn't see it at either place. I did stand in line for a while to ask the pharmacist, but Luke had to potty so I never got to the counter.

Next stop: CVS. They didn't have it, but they offered to order it for me. It was going to cost around $8 for 4oz.

I figured as a last resort I would try Rite-Aid. Sure enough they had it! It was in the bandaid aisle and cost around $5 (the most expensive part of this whole recipe!). I also figured I could always find it on Amazon if I had to and with 2 day shipping it wouldn't be a big deal.

Also this picture was taken AFTER I added the glycerin to the recipe- so as you can see this little bottle will last me a good while. I think I used a tablespoon.
Per the recipe, I grated the bar of soap.... (mozzarella cheese anyone??)
and combined the soap with the water and glycerin.
I let everything sit overnight and then slowly started adding it to my kitchen aid mixer to beat. When it sat overnight it turned into a gel like substance (just like my liquid laundry soap!). I beat it in the mixer to the consistency it needed to be and I added water as needed. It made about 3 quarts total, and I put the excess in a clean milk jug. We will be using this yummy stuff for a while!!

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