On the road again!

Well, our trip to R.I. was a little shorter than expected. We ended up only traveling to PA, stopping in to see friends, and slowly making our way back- slowly=stopping anywhere that looked fun, buying lots of goodies, and spending a day at the Biltmore House (which is where we honeymooned). I was traveling with my parents (since this trip was supposed to be to R.I.), so I had a mini vacation- but I missed Josh and the baby like absolute crazy. I swear my child grew an inch when I was gone.

I planned to post while I was away and I have 5 unfinished posts waiting to be posted- so I'm not totally behind on blogging. Plus we've already accomplished alot considering I've been gone for a few days.

Here's a recap of the trip in pictures-

We visited some friends in PA. They are firefighters and we got the grand tour of the station. Dad really liked this tool :)

Next stop- The Biltmore Estate. This holds a near and dear place in my heart because we honeymooned there!

The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains!

After spending 5 days on the road stopping to do whatever we felt like doing, we were ready to be home. We got home just in time for Luke's swimming lesson at preschool!

Here he's getting sticks from the bottom-

Proud daddy watching him:

And he's underwater here swimming to the steps:

And we came home to swim some more!

I'll be back to normal blogging this week! This is Luke's last week of preschool until August, so Josh and I are using every moment at home to get things done (like painting the house and getting a new roof!).

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