June list

It June! And it's time for a new list! I shared here how I have a larger list going on simultaneously, but I am keeping up with the monthly stuff too. Here are some things I'd like to get done:

1. Organize our dry goods (cereal, pasta, flour, sugar, etc.). I would love to buy all new containers. This seems like the most logical way, although it'll cost a pretty penny. I'm looking for durability, BPA-free, and something that keeps the food fresh!

2. Make new ring tones!

3. Make liquid hand soap. I bought a bar of organic peppermint soap and I am dying to put it to work!

4. Update my 365 blog and keep it updated. I really do take multiple pictures a day. It's just the process of uploading and posting the pictures that takes so much time!

5. Work in Luke's room. Some ideas? Get a quote on the wall and do some sort of book storage.

6. Add a "blog roll" of my favorite blogs, and create labels on my old posts. I want the posts so they are more easily found. Coupon posts altogether. Silhouette posts all together. Weekly Update posts altogether. etc.

This is a month of traveling for me. My parents and I are going back to Rhode Island to wrap some things up. I'll be gone for10 days and the Mr. will play Mr. Mom while I'm gone. I am going to miss my 2 guys like I can't even imagine, but traveling for 12 hours at a time, sleeping in hotels, and cleaning isn't really conducive with having a 2 year old.

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