$2.94- are you kidding me??

So, if you've been reading long enough, you know that I can't pass up sharing a good deal. Last time I shared, I hit up Rite-Aid's clearance rack. I always wondered how CVS clearanced their items... and now I have figured it out! Whereas Rite-Aid puts everything in one place, CVS keeps it on the shelf and adds a 25%, 50%, or 75% off sticker to the original price sticker. (At least this is how ours does it- not sure about every CVS). 

I did my first trip earlier in the week, and I perused the diaper aisle. I was actually looking for swim diapers, but the 50% off coupon caught my attention on the very bottom rack. They were getting rid of size 5 jean diapers... first off I started a facebook firestorm a couple months back saying how hideous jean and camo diapers are... BUT a deal's a deal and I'm not passing it up!! I bought one pack on that trip at $4.99 because they were only marked to 50% off (I know the picture says $2.99- I'm getting there- it's all part of the story...) :)  

After spotting the diapers, I walked through every.aisle. Granted our CVS isn't very big... but still it was pretty exhausting. I jotted down on the back of a receipt things I noticed on sale that we use and I was pretty confident I had coupons for. I went home and began matching my coupons. I don't carry my huge binder in with me to small stores, so going home to figure it out is just part of the game. 

Before I break down everything here is the picture with the prices: (when I came back 2 days later, the diapers were marked down to 75% off)!!

Total spent in the picture before coupons? $16.19
How much did I pay?? $2.94!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I didn't use ANYthing other than manufacturer coupons and 1 CVS coupon.

I used 2 $3 off 2 Pantene coupons (which covered the 3 conditioners and 1 hair gel), 1 $2 off Huggies coupon (which made the diapers 99¢- holy cow!), and 1 50¢ coupon (which doubled to $1) on the toothpaste (more on that later). So those coupons alone knocked $9 off the top.

Plus I had a $5 off $15 dollar purchase (CVS coupon)- so that took off the last few dollars which made the total $2.94 with tax!

Also the toothpaste had an ECB reward which gave me $1.50 back! So I technically only spent $1.44 if you take off the ECB. I was pretty stoked!!


  1. Oh, wow, great job! I saw on a couponing website that the diapers were on sale at CVS for 2.99, but we don't have one. So I had my mom go look and they were all gone! Sad day!

  2. It really was a great price! Ours also had huggies slip-ons (in size 3), the 66 ct. for $6. That's an amazing price too if only we were still in size 3! :)