Summer to-do's

And it's (un)officially begun... the day I wait for all year! The last day of school. A certain song comes to mind, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!" I still have until next Friday of post planning, but here goes!

So along with my monthly To-Do's, I am going to keep up a Summer To-Do list. I'm a "lister" by nature and it makes me feel accomplished to go back and look a stuff crossed off the list!

1. Make a pantry. Here's my inspiration. To my surprise Josh LOVED this idea and is eager to start! 
We have no pantry although we have 19 (!!) only UPPER cabinets. Being 5 feet tall, the upper cabinets are pretty impractical!

2. Make liquid hand soap. I've mastered liquid laundry soap so this can't be too hard. 

3. Make Family Christmas Stockings... (stop judging... ever heard of Christmas in July?) It's also #70 on the list

4.  Would love to do something like this for our dry goods. After the pantry gets overhauled I'll have tons of room for this stuff. 
{Couldn't find the source. It was something I pinned a while ago on pinterest.}

And this eye candy is amazing!

5. Finish Luke's room. It's 80% done. And I need a swift kick in the booty to get motivated. Here's that list

6. Go somewhere I haven't been. I would love to make a trip to Diamond National Park in Arkansas (we're making an Arkansas trip in July). If that doesn't work, I'll figure something out. 

7. See a Stone Mountain Laser show. Can you believe I've never been??? I grew up less than 30 minutes away and went to church less than 15 minutes away and I saw Stone Mtn from the highway each time. I've been to Stone Mountain for various events, but I've never seen the laser show and I've never been to the top. Here's hoping!

I think 7 goals are manageable this summer! I will still have my monthly goals as we go. The summer is already lining up to be hectic. Spending time with my family is the most important goal, and everything else will be bonus (hey I need something to do when he's sleeping right??). 

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