new year, new goals

For some reason, January just bums me out. I am sad that the holidays are over, one of us usually gets sick this month, and it’s just plain cold- no way around that fact. School is back in gear and summer feels like a LONG way away.
Maybe setting some goals will make this month feel more accomplished?? Some are from the list, some aren’t. I also have some other posts brainstormed, but I’m, keeping those a secret for now- so I’m not held accountable in case I don’t get to them!
1. Make dermatologist appointment. I’m going to see a Dr. in either Gainesville or Athens. It may take a while to get in, but at least it will be on the books. Plus once I actually go I’ll be able to kill 3 birds with 1 stone (and check off #29,30 and 31).
2. Make 2 door decorations for winter.
3. Pack up the Christmas stuff- (and make sure it’s organized). Also I plan to make an ornament from the trunk of the tree (as seen here).
4. Finish Luke’s Quietbook- I showed you in 365 days in photos that I started it on December 17th. I am planning on having 18+ pages and it will be a mixture of a “colors” book and an activity book using buttons, zippers, and vinyl. Although I’m in no rush to finish it, I would like to get it done.
5. Begin our collage in the Master Bedroom. I painted a canvas for Josh for Christmas that I purposely painted in our bedroom’s color scheme. We have a huge blank wall that I have looked at for almost 4 years and it’s about time something goes up! I can’t promise it’ll get done this month because I want it to be meaningful, but I have 4-5 ideas to get started (fabric covered foam, last name collage).
6. Work on Josh’s V-day gift- 52 reasons I love you for 52 weeks of the year. I have my ideas written down, but I want to make it a book.
7. Finish the master bathroom (I have to finish the trim around the ceiling and I have to finish painting the gray. Also the mirror needs to have trim hung around it).
I was able to mark some things off my 101 list recently. Here’s the update:
#74- Finish glossy stripes in bathroom (can I get an AMEN?) This was my goal to finish last October and it just.didn’t.happen. Josh had to take the shower curtain down so I could get in there.

#36- Get pictures into my “gallery” in my blog (It’s a new tab at the top of the page- just some things I’ve done in the past).
#25,#47- I didn’t realize how similar these were. #25 said: Catch up in Luke’s journal/baby book and #47 said: Finish his baby book. Well I’m all caught up- better late than never.

#57- Create a prayer jar and teach Luke how to pray- We created  prayer jar (an old pickle jar with some jumbo popsicle sticks and wrote our prayer requests). We pull a stick each night and pray for the need listed. Very shortly I will be creating and “answered prayer” board to show what prayers get answered. He’s catching on, so at every meal and before bed he says “De deee Jessssss MAYMEN” Thank you Jesus, Amen. Hey it’s a start...

#91- Document all our possessions in pictures for insurance purposes
Now on to my long term goal:

I am desperately trying to stop biting my nails- actually I really don’t bite my nails, I bite my hang nails. I guess I have really dry/cracked skin and it drives me crazy to have hard pieces of skin on my fingers! Although I think long nails are pretty on other people, I just don’t like them. To me it is a perfect place for germs to live and I am a total germ-a-phobe. Plus my nails are really brittle, so they just don’t grow out (I’ve tried). So my plan of action is to get a manicure once a week in January. That way they can get rid of the hangnails for me. Then I hope that not being tempted for a month will get me out of the habit of taking care of the hangnails my way. Not sure what I’ll do after a month- maybe go every 2 weeks? And see how it goes? I think so! Also I went this past Wednesday and I have managed to be “bite free” so far! Not too shabby…
Although I have alot of other ideas that I hope to accomplish this year, if I can get this habit kicked I will feel totally accomplished!  Fingers crossed.

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