dodged a bullet

Well this week was a total blur! Here are some highlights:

Luke totally surprised me with two new words. Smoke and school. When we were driving to school one morning he saw “smoke” really exhaust coming from another car. He yelled “MOKE”. Didn’t even know that he knew that! Then we passed a school bus and he said “school”. Now we say it everymorning when we get to school and he also says “bye bye bo-bo” which is saying bye to the Barney CD I play in the car. Sweet boy!

My results from the biopsy came back NORMAL! Praise the Lord! I feel like I dodged a bullet, and the longer the results took, the more nervous it made me. Read about that here. But I am excited to cross that off the list!

I went to a Mary-Kay party last night (not my first) and had fun. Got a few things, although I’m really not particular about my beauty products. I’m excited about what I got and supporting the rep. but I don’t think I could ever get into that! I guess I just don’t care that much about makeup I want whatever I can get cheap and with a coupon (although I am really loving the Burt’s Bees brand- and they have coups!).

We have a “Winter ONEderland” party tomorrow that we are excited about! I really can’t believe it’s been a year since Emma Grace was born! Can’t wait to see some great friends!

That pretty much sums up the week. “Short” weeks always seem longer than they are (we had MLK off) especially coming off last weekend as sick as we were. Glad that whatever we had passed quickly and we bouced back to normal by about mid- week.
Some posts I have planned for next week are my personalized labels (which are in process right now), the master collage is done, and how I made the fabric flowers (seen here last picture in post) in the bathroom.

Excited to get out of this cold, rainy month!

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