Collage-ing (cause collaging just didn't look right)

I think my whole goal in giving our master bathroom a little TLC was spreading the love into the bedroom. This room, sadly was just not on the top of my to-do list. “Most people don’t see our bedroom” or “We’re not in there much to enjoy it” plagued my mind as I thought of what my next project would be, but eventually I got tired of looking at THIS:
I have been thinking about this wall since we moved in. I knew 1-2 pictures would be dwarfed by the ginormity of it. Even a large canvas just wouldn’t look right. Plus, the door in/out of the room is to the left of this picture. Do you find the middle of the room from corner to corner, or from door to corner. Lots of things I have to think about with an OCD huband.
So cue the lightbulbs going off in my head. A collage! It was the only way to make this wall work. I collected my ideas for over a month. As I thought about what I wanted to include, I also kept my eye out for frames/stuff at thrift stores.
I found this “beast” at Salvation Army. $0.75 cents later she was mine. (she… he?)
I turned her into a beauty with some primer and a few coats of ORB (oil rubbed bronze) spray paint.
Here are a few more sneak peeks at the wall-
I found THIS awesome site on pinterest. You can make your letter any color you want, save it and print immediately- all completely FREE! I printed it on cardstock and put it in a painted thrift store frame.
I ordered some accent fabric to match our already red comforter. I ordered 4 different prints from and I am LOVING the chevron. I hope to make some throw pillows for the bed at some point with the leftover fabric. And yes this is just a piece of styrofoam covered in fabric. Hot glued it to the back and hung it with an on command strip.
I found this frame at the thrift store too. It caught my eye because it didn’t have a matte or cardboard to hold a picture. I’m thinking when I get my vinyl cutter, I’ll figure out something to put on the glass. Also I wrapped the edges with some of the coordinating fabric I mentioned earlier. To prevent fraying I used pinking shears to zig zag the edges.
So enough chit chatting… here is the finished wall-
A few things I’m not finished with- I want the J to be  brighter white. The mirror frame will get a fresh coat of white paint. Obiviously I need to fill the 2 frames to the right.

P.S. Since this post I have updated the collage a bit. See it here
We moved the vanity out of the room- we are actually thinking about putting our house on the market and the less “stuff” out the better. For anyone wondering (and so rumors won’t start FLYING- which I know they will anyways): we’re not actually leaving Toccoa ANYTIME soon, and we’re not on hard times. We know we won’t be here forever and the less things holding us back the better. We had a really positive meeting with a real estate agent and we are just taking it slow!
While we’re talking about art- here are a few updates from the bathroom.
I am absolutely in LOVE with this fabric. Like I want to make floor to ceiling curtains with it.

I am saving this wall to hopefully find an old wooden spice rack (lightbulb- my mom used to have one…. maybe I should check into that!). I want to paint it and put nailpolish on it. I am LOVING nailpolish now that I am not biting my nail/hangnails.
Now let’s do some math to figure out where I’m headed in the next few months-
a= (now)
I don’t know. I was never good at algebra. :)
Can’t wait to share!

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