101 Change up

Everyone’s allowed to change thier mind right?
As I’ve been tackling my 101′s I’ve found that some of the 101s I had were either-
a. not practical
b. unimportant to me now
c. a given. Things that don’t need to be here but that I know we’ll do.

So in the spirit of marking things off and making life better I decided to switch some out, x-nay them, and replace them with something more practical.

#1. Plant a garden. Although this is noble, who am I kidding??? I wouldn’t even know where to START much less keep the stuff alive. Plus with us putting the house on the market, it just doesn’t seem like a very smart thing to sink money into right now. I am working on indoor herbs… baby steps.

#3. Cook an entire Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner for one side of the family. Love this idea, but coming off the holidays I realized a couple things. If we have people over for the holidays, of COURSE I’ll cook. If we go to them, then they typically cook (and I’ll offer a helping hand.) This one falls into the GIVEN category. It’s something I’ll do regardless. It doesn’t need to be taking up pretty real estate on my list.

#26. Get the piano tuned. Once again this is something I would love to do someday when we are somewhere more permanent. If we sell the house, we may end up renting for some time. Pianos don’t like to be moved. So to get it tuned and then survive 1-2 or maybe 3 more moves…. just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

# 56. Do SOMETHING with the newspapers we saved from our Wedding Day- I’m thinking mod podged onto a canvas with a wedding pic on it?? Tried looking for these papers… and I have NO idea where they are… not in our memory box, or in the closet that I thought they were in. Prime real estate wasted. Good bye. Maybe someday when I find them they’ll be made into something really great.

#62. Go to a pottery store and paint pottery. With the birth of Pinterst and other blogs, this just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I can find something MORE creative to do with my time.

#64. Refrain from taking in any more animals. 1 dog is enough. Although we do have a tender place in our hearts for stray animals, they all can’t come in. We’ve decided as a family that we will absolutely NOT have another animal while we have Sadie (and that commitment is until death do us part). Well trained dogs take TIME and there is no where in this family for an untrained deee-oh-gee.

#69. Store sheets inside their pillowcases in the linen closet. This was a random pin I found on pinterest. I started to do this and then realized that this would just confuse the linen closet situation. We don’t store things by room (Luke’s sheets, our sheets guest sheets) but by size. So all the pillowcases hang out in one place, all the flat twin in another. This whole sheets inside the pillowcase would just confuse us. No me gusta.

Here’s the new things I’m adding.
1. Make homemade salsa (maybe with the cilantro I plan to grow).

3. Learn how to make a frap at home. Cause it’s more than milk, ice, and sugar- I’ve tried it and that’s nasty. I need to perfect it.

8. Cook baked potatoes in a crock pot.

27. Make pregnancy book and Luke’s first year book. I have been wanting to document all my week by week preggo pictures (that are now over 2 years old- HOLY COW!) and Luke’s month- by- month onesie photos.

56. Make Luke a quietbook. This is something I have all planned out- I just need to find the time to do it.

58. Purge 100- Get rid of 100 things.

65. Make homemade liquid laundry soap. I can pretty much say I’ve mastered the powder. Now on to the liquid.

70. Make us matching Christmas stockings. I think I’ll make 4-5 stockings total since we plan to add to our family in the next few years (not 4-5 kids just for the record… 4-5 people total in our family).

For anyone seriously questioning… I got rid of 7 things- added 8. How does that work?? Well I originally didn’t have 101. I only had 100 things. So as I updated, I added that last one.

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