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Flowers are my absolute favorite. And my nose is super sensitive to smells so I can’t enjoy them nearly as much as I love them. I remember when I was younger and stayed home with mom sick, she would tell me to imagine a beautiful arrangement of flowers to get my mind off of puking or however I was sick. She usually took it a step farther and would bring home a bouquet of roses too. LOVE those memories and to this day that is what I think about when I’m sick. It puts me in my happy place!

Of course we know I kill any and every thing I touch (plant/flower wise). I am waaay better with flowers than plants, but I forget those suckers depend on their most basic need- water. So I wanted a way to have my cake and eat it too. Have flowers, and the beauty of them (minus the smell) AND not have to water them.

This is what evolved.
Now as my disclaimer- NO I didn’t invent these, NO I’m not going to walk through a step by step tutorial of how to make them, but my idea or not they are just as beautiful!

The idea came from Pinterest. It led me to this blog. And SHE has a step by step tutorial. I used some of the sticks from my “Thankful Tree” as the stems.
The vase was an idea I have been wanting to try- paint poured in a vase. I used the same color as my wall paint (Ben Moore Gray Horse) and found the vase at a thrift store for $0.99. This has been made for over a month, and the paint still hasn’t fully dried… not sure what to think of that- but it really does give it a cool look. Every couple days I’ll tilt the vase to respread the paint. I mean eventually it has to dry RIGHT??? But no big deal.

Here is a close up of the petals. This fabric just tickles me pink.

And it gives me those same warm fuzzies that real flowers did fromwhen I was home sick as a kid.

They sit on my new pretty little vanity to greet me every morning, night, and hopefully NOT in the middle of the night!

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