January week 4:

was purely insane. Friday, 4 events happened in a 3 hour period that hasn’t happened in all 4 years of teaching. It was just crazy.
Other than that it was a pretty quiet week. I got a few orders knocked out that I have been working on. 2 sets of burp cloths (10 in one order, 6 in another). I have 10 towels to monogram this weekend and the beginning of next week. I already did one and I’m pretty pumped about it.
Since we got paid early this month I was able to enjoy Ingles’ BOGOs with coupons. Some of the highlights from the trip- 3 packs of popcorn for a grand total of $0.27 (yes, $0.09 a piece). I also got 2 packs of spaghetti for $0.57 (so around $0.26 a piece). A couple things that I didn’t realize were on sale, were so I got lettuce for $0.99 and Pullups for $6.98 (which is a great price).
I saved over $40 and $16 of that was in coupons.
My mom came up to visit this weekend. Dad is in Florida enjoying some time in the sun. Yeah super jealous.
For the first time in weeks I am totally caught up on laundry and dishes (and I didn’t spend all Saturday doing that). With potty training we are having to wash every other day (hmmmm super similar to cloth diapers!!).
We have been caulking and painting trim this week. Josh fixed the chewed up trim in the laundry room.
This coming week doesn’t seem too eventful, but I guess I should knock on some wood…

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