#29, #30, and #31

I finally called for a dermatologist appointment! I had scheduled an appointment with the same dermatologist last year for a rash that wasn’t going away. The earliest opening they had was 3 months out, so I got the appointment and then cancelled because the rash disappeared.
I fully expected the same thing- an appointment 3 months away… I was completely shocked when they said they can get me in next Friday! I think it’s rather ironic that this video is spreading like wildfire on facebook this week. I have spent my fair share of time in tanning beds and in the sun. I got so burned once from the tanning bed, that I couldn’t sleep from the pain. My skin has never been the same since. I’ve had a mole removed from my arm and now I’m worried about the same one since it has come back. After seeing this video I am more anxious than ever for Friday! But at least I’m getting seen quickly.
The first week back from a major break is always hard. I’m getting back into a routine and the kids are getting back into a routine. Luke has been extra cranky at night because he gets so tired at daycare (but he absolutely loves it so much he doesn’t want to leave). We are finishing up the bathroom this weekend, and trying to enjoy this absolutely spring-like weather in January. Mrs. Holly and Emma Grace came for dinner last night and it was so great to let the kids play together.
We are also putting the last coat of sealer on the deck to finish off that project. What an ordeal that was last week dodging the random unpredicted rain showers.
So far the most “blah” month of the year has been pretty fantastic!

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