Master Bath Renovation: Part 5 (cost breakdown)

Just a quick update from here. Went to the dermatologist and she did end up removing the mole that I was worried about. She wanted it sent to the lab to test… so now we wait for a few days. The only part of me that is SUPER nervous is it’s on my arm that gets direct sun at recess. The right side of my body is always more tan than the left because of the angle of the sun. And I never think to put sunscreen on at school. I will FOR SURE be doing it this year though. And even though she sliced off a tiny piece it is hurting bad. I can’t imagine how it would feel to have to dig deeper. Also I have one on my back that we are watching for the next year to make sure it’s not changing at all.
This week went by SO slowly. Shorter weeks always do that to me for some reason. Today was a workday and Monday is a holiday.  Luke came down with bronchitis last weekend and we did the whole “wait to see” if it gets worse. Sure enough it did and by Wednesday night he was coughing so hard he puked. It’s so pitiful to see little ones sick. We got him medicine Thursday and he seems completely back to himself today (except for a pretty epic cough).
Ok on to the vanity:
Keep in mind that if we were to have bought just a vanity it would have been $270+ just for a new cabinet, top and possibly mirror (that we really didn’t need anyways). At the minimum, we would have still needed to get a new floor, and my gray walls would have had to wait.
Also, we didn’t have to buy any wood for the built in vanity (it was all leftover from other projects), or most of the trim (for the mirror), or caulk, wood putty, nails, and Kilz Primer. We also already had the trim paint on hand from other touchups in the house.
ORB Spray Paint: $6
Spray Primer x2: $8 ($4 each)
Liquid Sander/Deglosser: $6
Liquid nails (for the mirror): $5
Martha Stewart semi-gloss paint (vanity color): $6.50
Martha Stewart eggshell paint (wall color): $6
Martha Stewart glaze: $6
New pipes under the sink x2: $16 total ($8 each)
All the trim (included the top piece for the mirror, and other pieces on the vanity): $7
Foam Roller replacements: $10
Shelf Support pegs: $7
New knobs/hinges for vanity: $9 (3 knobs, 2 hinges)
Vinyl Tile: $30
Caulk: $3
Organization containers: $30 (the cream colored one was the only one we could find to fit the space. It was a splurge at $16. The rest we just from Target).
Total: $156 (rounded).
Like I said in the vanity post, we are still looking for a new faucet. I’m not ready to spend $80 on one, so what’s there will work for now. I’m hoping to maybe fnd one for under $50. Either way, we are still waaaay underbudget.
We did get Home Depot’s generous Veteran’s Discount of 10% off all the purchases! Pretty great since that basically cuts out tax- (not really but it feels like it).
I just can’t believe that for so little money, how different and great it looks! And I’m sure my parents were happy to save $110+ on our gift! (wink wink I could use some new clothes). :)

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