call the police...

’cause I just robbed CVS. Hehe… totally joking, but it sure felt like it!
Here were my transactions today:
4 speed stick deodorant
1 Colgate Total
1 Soft Soap bodywash
2 bags (9 oz) mini M&Ms
1 Cadbury Egg
Total due $9.21
I used (2 BOGO Speed Stick, $1 off colgate, $0.75 off bodywash, $1 off M&Ms)
I got back $6 ECB (speed stick), $1 ECB (M&Ms), $1 Cadbury Egg, $1 Green Bag Tag.
4 bottles of nail polish
3 packs of gum
Total due: $1.50
I used $1 off trident, and the $9 ECB from the previous transaction.
So total spent today was $10.71… not bad!
I’m not a ‘shelf clearer’ or a ‘hoarder’ but it sure is fun to see how far a buck will stretch! When the total on the screen goes down $10 just from coupons it is just exhilarating!! and if I didn’t get the nail polish, it for sure would have been great. But I can ‘splurge’ on myself every now and then ;)
and I actually bought 2 newspapers today because there are some great coupons!

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