Pressure Washing

Can't believe it's been a week since my last post! Time is flying with our little princess. We have been in Marietta for the weekend/beginning of the week job searching, putting in resumes, selling our truck... no big deal. We're out of our normal routine so things like the blog get put to the back burner. We'll be home today, so I'll be back to blogland soon! Now on to the point of this post...

There is nothing like spraying water on grime build-up! It's like washing away winter's harshness and pretty-fying everything for Spring and Summer!

Our gutters were starting to look... well dirty. We noticed how bad they were last Fall when we added/painted the siding on our house. The crisp white trim didn't really stand out, because the dirt was gray as well!
After about 30 minutes with the pressure washer, this is the final result! Stunning! Hard to believe just a little water pressure can clean so nicely!
We knew some of the paint would chip with the pressure of the water, so we'll be touching that up soon. But seriously considering it was just water it did a pretty great job!

We also turned the pressure washer to other things that needed a good cleaning; like some of Luke's toys and our deck box. This box holds all his outdoor toys along with the cushions to our patio furniture. We use it ALOT.


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