Oh the places

I've mentioned on Facebook how much we appreciate the people who take care of our children. It's a big deal to trust someone else to be around them when we can't be. Since most of the people who have been influential in Luke's life thus far he won't remember, I wanted a way to chronicle his teachers/caretakers; a way for him to look back later and see how many people loved him that he may not even remember.

Of course I found this idea on pinterest. The idea is to have teachers write a little something about your child in the Dr. Seuss book "Oh the Places You'll Go". If you have never read this book- go get it. It talks about life's ups and downs in children's terms while still being really deep. LOVE. 

I actually received this book as a high school graduation gift. At the time I wasn't really sure what it had to do with graduation, but over time I came to appreciate it (maybe majoring in Education, LOVING children's literature, and adoring children's books had something to do with it?!) and the story goes so well with moving on to another stage of life. 

Here's a picture of the note that was inside (dated June of 2004). I decided this book would become Luke's. 

I've had each teacher write a note to him at the end of the school year. Sometimes he changed classes at the time of his birthday, other times he changed classes in May/August. Each teacher was very gracious to do this for us and it brought tears to my eyes to read what they wrote about him. I hope to keep this tradition up with all his teachers and give the book to him as a graduation gift one day. 

Of course I will also do this with Emberly. She'll need a new book since this is the only one I have. I love creating special traditions/memories! 

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