Life Update: June Part 1

I mentioned here that I was going to start these life updates twice a month because once a week seemed too frequent. BUT I feel like so much has happened in 2 weeks, that maybe I'll go back to weekly updates- who knows!

We've been to Marietta twice in the past 2 weeks (and we made a third trip to Gwinnett to sell Josh's truck). It was a whirlwind with a newborn, but giving Luke some time to blow off some steam was a great idea!

Most people know that Josh is job searching right now so our days are filled with filling out online applications, making connections, and praying for an interview! Excited for the future!

Luke had his first dentist appointment. All his teeth checked out perfectly and he was really excited about his blue and orange toothbrush!
Nana sent a care package filled with goodies. One of Luke's favorite (besides the cookies of course) were matching daddy/Luke water guns (and the Thomas swimsuit).
So they had a water fight!
We had really severe weather one night (there was a tornado near my parents house in Marietta) and this was the sky afterward. I refrained from posting one on FB but I thought this was too pretty to not show!

We were completely dressed and ready for Church this past Sunday when Luke walked up to me and said his shirt was wet... I was like ok?! He said "look" and in the living room there was a huge pile of puke :( Poor baby didn't feel good. So we spent the day at home. Thankfully he was only sick twice and was completely recovered after his afternoon nap!

My 2 boogers are the love of my life!! I can't wait to watch them grow up together (except I can- because I want time to slow down!). 

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