Printing Birth Announcements

was a major headache!

I decided to try my hand at taking Emberly's newborn pictures, figuring our photoshop, and making birth announcements. It really wasn't too difficult.

Then I had to print them. I've been warned about Wal-mart's quality issues, but I figured I'd give it a try. If you don't remember I boycotted going to Wal-mart back in January because of some issues we had (terrible customer service) and it's amazing how much money we have saved (not to mention a little sanity too).

I broke my rule and stepped foot in there to pick up one 9 cent picture. The second I saw it I knew it printed too dark. (the one on the right was the original I had printed). See the shadow over her left eye (our right)?
I know I could have immediately returned it and received my 9 cents back- but I thought maybe it would make a good post about living and learning... maybe they tried to win me over with flattery- they wrote in huge letter "COPYRIGHT" over the front of the envelope. I guess they thought they were professional pictures. Notsomuch.

I figured that maybe it was just that store's machine that had some wonky ink toner issue so I decided to order 35 prints online and have them shipped to the house. Total spent? Around $2.50. Not bad.

Except I opened the package and realized that they cut off the "s" in inches... Yep- you can insert a major eyeroll combined with some "arghhhhhhh-ing".
At this point I was just frustrated (again, I know that I could have returned them), but I was already a month late getting these sent out, and honestly I just didn't care THAT much.

Here's the original dark one without the cut off letter to prove that this was their error not mine:
I just didn't want to deal with the hassle of returns... and waiting for more that could also potentially be messed up some other way. I did really like how the one on the left printed... they are much brighter and true to how the picture looked on my computer- if only the "s" wasn't cut off!
You get what you pay for I guess and this was a lesson I learned! For the same order online Walgrees wanted 3xs that- but maybe they would have printed correctly... oh well.

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