Emberly Grace- 1 month

You are 1 month old today. I can't even believe how fast this month has flown. The days are completely running together and the lack of sleep has my head and eyes constantly aching. But that's ok- because you are perfect and totally worth the lack of sleep.

Today you weigh 10lbs 8oz. You are up almost 3lbs from birth. Way to go girlie! You eat around the clock (about 7 times a day) about 4 oz. each feeding.
You have fallen into a pretty good sleep, eat, play pattern. You sleep more than anything else at this point and sometimes I sit and just watch you sleep. I watch your little eyes roll back in your head because you are so content. It's priceless.

You have been struggling to get rid of your baby acne. It's been around for about 2 weeks. It doesn't seem to bother you so it doesn't bother me.
Your brother Luke loves you SO much. He is always very concerned when you cry and he does his best to help. Alot of times he'll pop your paci in to make you feel better. He's such a great big brother. It makes my heart happy when he says "Ohhhh baby girl" and "Shhhh princess".

You haven't really been interested in anything other than being held. You don't have a favorite toy yet. You do however LOVE sleeping on your belly. We tried swaddling you like your big brother (who was swaddled until 5 months) and you want nothing to do with it. I'm thinking you're a belly sleeper just like your momma.

You've been on 2 road trips to Lulu and Pop's house this month and you've been to South Carolina. You also have facetimed with your Nana and G-pa and Uncle Jason.

Time please slow down. I want to soak up these precious days with you sweet girl!!

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