This post is a little late in coming- this happened last weekend, but I've been a busy lady- snuggling my baby, playing with little man... you know, the little things :)

We heart yard sales.

I mean where else can you put out a bunch of junk, people come TO you to take it away and give you money in exchange?

Since we are both home right now, we decided to extend our earnings to 2 days. Our goal for each day? $100. Pretty far fetched seeing as we didn't have much "big stuff".
We were solo with the kiddos Friday (my mom couldn't come until Saturday) so we had to balance the kids and run the sale. Luke MAY have watched an entire morning of Jake and the Neverland Pirates... but I'll never tell.

The morning didn't start off so hot. Emberly was up twice that night (of course- my night to sleep) and Sadie puked all over our bedroom floor (totally unlike her). Between balancing the kiddos and the sale I was back in the bedroom scrubbing puke. Notmyfavoritethingever.
But we met our goal ($124) for Friday and met some pretty awesome people! We chatted with some awesome neighbors, and it was overall a great day. Josh struck up a conversation with a lady who wanted to dig deeper in the Word. We had a bunch of books out to sell and she was asking him what she should read. They got into a conversation about a book she had just finished and highly suggested that Josh read it. Only problem? She couldn't remember the name. They exchanged phone numbers and the lady promised to call with the title/author.
An hour later the lady came BACK to the sale with the book in hand- she had run to Walmart and picked up Josh a copy. It was a pretty cool experience!
I don't consider myself a people person at ALL. I much prefer to keep to myself. But there's just something about striking up conversations with random strangers digging through your castaways that is just fun. I had a 20 minute conversation with a lady about cloth diapers/what brands we love/how cute they are. It was amazing.

Saturday we BARELY squeaked passed our goal. Our profit rang in at $100.65. But that's over $200 for JUNK sitting in our attic and in our shed.

Emberly was pretty content to just go along for the ride.
and Luke got stinky and sweaty playing outside...
Overall it was a very successful weekend! I never look forward to yard sales because they are ALOT of work, but honestly the more we do, the easier they get!

Check out how I made our signs (that are still holding up 5 yard sales later!).

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