Life Update: June Part 2

The end of June is one of my favorite times of the year- besides Christmas, and Thanksgiving, and the early days of Spring, and the first of Fall.... I guess I love alot of the year. But I feel like June isn't too hot, we've settled well into summer, we're grilling out alot, and it's the perfect time to get some sun.

We finally got outside one evening and played with the glow-in-the-dark bubbles Nana sent. Luke had a blast:

He is still a train boy and on any given day my hallway looks like this:
What's even more impressive? 95% of his tracks are built by him with no assistance. He amazes me with some of the designs he builds.

We packed up and headed to the zoo one day last week. It was a surprise to Luke so of course our first stop was McD's:

WARNING..... if you're not a fan of reptiles (like yours truly) close your eyes as you scroll......



I warned you!
Every snake is better off dead in my opinion...

Other than that we've pretty much just been hanging around the house...

doing science experiments:
playing in the water:
with friends!
Terrible focus but great photo!
We're also grilling... alot!
Sweet girl had her first smile this month (she was just shy of 6 weeks old):
and we went swimming with our friends Andrew and Brittany!

We're still job hunting and excited about what July holds!

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