High Five for Friday!

1. Today Josh is the big three-oh!
He is really trying to watch his weight so I refrained (for the time being) from making a cake/cupcakes. Instead I made him this cake:

Reese's are his alltime favorite candy. Root Beer is the ONE drink I will.not.drink so I thought it'd be special for him to have some, and I made the sharpie mug. It has the phonetic alphabet written on it. I plan to do a post later about how I sealed it and if it holds up or not.

2. We are on the brink of putting our house on the market- which means I have to find us a storage unit ASAP. Since we have no idea where we'll move, a storage unit is a must to make this house feel as big as possible. And then I think of packing and I get cold and clammy. Yikes!

3. I am thankful for such a happy baby! Seriously, she is the best. And although Luke has been showing out/acting up, he is ALWAYS so sweet and gentle with her. It really does melt my heart.

4. The third jeep window broke this week. Not the actual window, just the motor for the automatic windows. The rear passenger broke last year and the rear driver a couple months ago. We had it fixed the first time and then Josh fixed it the second time. Now the driver motor went out (which is the window I use the most) so we ordered the part on amazon again and he's installing it now- oyyyy. Thankful for a patient husband.

5. I just finished read "The Chance" by Karen Kingsbury. Oh my- if you haven't already, GET YOUR HANDS ALL OVER IT!! It was a great book!

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