Sand Pail Vinyl {an update}

I always feel like it's important to update projects to show how they've held up over time. Especially because I sell these items. I thought it was high time for an update post about my vinyl sandpails.

As a refresher you can check out where I made some sand pails as an order here.
Of course when I make something for someone else, I can't be sure how it will be treated or how long the vinyl will actually last. But I was willing to make one for Luke and put it to the ultimate test!

Last summer we visited 3 beaches, in 3 states in 3 weeks. More on that here. We brought his sand pail to each beach and it was submerged in the salty Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico and spent alot of time in the sun. It was rolled around in the sand and it was used to carry sand from the shore to our sitting spot. Also he used it at the pool to carry/dump out water. And Luke was 2.5 years old. Point taken? It got a lot of use!

I can say that today- over a year after I made his sand pail- the vinyl is still sticking strong with no peeling! Yay!! He uses it to store his outdoor toys that he'll pull out of our deck box and play with. Sometimes it stays out in the sun/rain. Other times it's protected in the box. But over all, it's seen alot of wear/tear and it's holding up well!

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