Weekly Update: April 22-26

Last weekend was pretty chilly, be we were able to enjoy the sunshine anyways. My sweet boy picked me flowers...
See? He's hiding them behind his back :) He told me to close my eyes- that he had a surprise for me.

This week is the most dreaded/anticipated (if those 2 feelings can even co-exist?) week of the whole school year. State testing debuted on Wednesday... and my kiddos are hanging in there! I'll be glad when Tuesday is over and they are behind us.

Besides testing, this week was rather uneventful. I had my 36 week appointment and wasn't able to see the doctor. She was delivering a baby so the nurse just listened to the heartbeat. I'll go back Tuesday for my 37 week, and I have tons of questions! Questions I haven't thought of before now- but now that time is closing in on me, and I'm in panic mode they are popping in my head. Like how will I be stitched up? Will they use staples or glue (I had glue last time- different doctor). Staples really freak me out. What will the spinal feel like? I had an epidural last time but I was in so much pain I would have cut off my arm for relief. This time I'll be walking in, in no pain. Sticking a needle in my back doesn't exactly sound like fun.

Luke had his 3 year checkup this week. I've been putting it off and putting it off to hopefully avoid flu season at the doctors office. I think it'll just be assumed that his "checkups" will be half way through the next calendar year. No point in exposing perfectly healthy people to nasty germs. Josh took him since I was testing this week.

He is 40lbs (95%) and in the 75% for height (I think it was 3'5"). Everything checked out perfectly. I had Josh ask about his speech- I'm not worried about what he says, but sometimes he mixes up the first letters (dir for sir, ogurt for yogurt, meese for please). I want to correct him all.the.time but I also don't want him to be scared to talk, so the doctor was able to give more direction on that (we should be correcting it). So far he is doing great and he loves saying the "new words". I just can't believe how much his vocabulary has EXPLODED this year and how he gets certain things we are saying. He has a "just kidding" tone, and a serious tone. It's hilarious. Also right around his birthday (December) I was worried about stuttering. He was having trouble getting out certain words and sounds. I'm kind of glad we didn't go to the doctor then. We took the wait and see approach and sure enough the stuttering disappeared. I'm assuming his brain was thinking faster than his mouth was able to keep up. It was scary though to see him struggle to say certain words.

Emberly's clothes are in the process of being washed! This is all getting real! I wrapped up my target registry with my completion coupon last night. I also did my last big coupon trip before baby! That's such a  strange feeling. I also stocked up on formula (hopefully she'll tolerate it- if not thank goodness for exchanges). I do plan on nursing, but we will most likely supplement with formula. Luke was on 75% breast milk, 25% formula the first 6 months of his life. I am a huge believer that formula fed babies sleep better with that last bottle of the night being formula. Maybe I made skim milk? But he slept more soundly when it was formula. I guess it could have been coincidence but it worked for us.

I feel like she has dropped LOW. I am more comfortable now than I was weeks 33-35... I can breathe again and she's not all up on my stomach (so I can eat a good sized dinner). But there are times I feel like she is going to fall out because of how much pressure her head puts on my hips. I am also sleeping much better than I have that past 5 weeks. I am back to first trimester exhaustion. It's for the birds. I feel like I'll never have energy again!

Well that was a big long wordy post! But these are details I don't want to forget!! 10 days left at school, 17 days til we meet her!

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