Easter Baskets

We don't do the Easter bunny around here- but we do Easter Baskets! Josh's basket is all about candy. It the only time (besides Christmas) that I can get him candy and he doesn't complain about the extra calories/fat.

I try to keep Luke's basket candy free. He gets plenty of candy at egg hunts and from my mom. Here he is next to his "surprise" on Saturday (we do baskets Saturday because Sunday is just too crazy in this house!).

He got a puzzle, play-doh, stuffed animals, stickers, 2 board books (Joshua and the Battle of Jericho and Zaccheus), and his Storybook Bible. I actually gave the Bible to him a few weeks ago because he was begging me to take his Bible to church. We have a smaller story Bible we read at bedtime, but I wanted to get one that would grow with him. This one is AMAZING. The author ties the story of the cross to EVERY story in the Bible. The illustrations are fabulous and the stories are translated well for little ones.

He was excited about his basket. I think the play-doh is his favorite!

Josh's basket, although minimal (heck- he'll be 30 this year!), contained his favorites- Cadbury Eggs and Peeps. Somehow I overlooked Reeces eggs :/ I also made him a soap pouch and stuck it in there. I found the tutorial on pinterest and I used a scrap piece of terrycloth. You drop the soap in and use it in the shower. If it starts getting nasty you can always throw it in the laundry since it's like a washcloth.
Of course we are teaching Luke the real meaning of this holiday. He already told me that Jesus died on that cross... now we're getting from that point to the resurrection :) It's amazing to see his hunger for learning and knowledge!

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